Dear Dr. Rezapour,

We want to express our deepest gratitude for all the wonderful work you did on my wife’s eyes. Before she saw you, Paula had many eye problems. Her vision was very poor. It was hard for her to drive. She couldn’t see well at night at all. She saw four different eye doctors but didn’t have complete faith or trust in their ability to really tackle her problem. Then she heard about you and at the first session saw how careful and good and caring you were. Because of that she stayed with you and continued treatment. Even though our home is in Orange County is far from your office in Los Angeles, we continued going to you because we knew how good you are. After several years, you recommended eye surgery for her, and because of the faith and trust she had in you she felt good about doing it. The first surgery was in her left eye, and it was extremely successful. Her vision improved immensely, and there was no pain. Two weeks later you did the other eye, with the same great result. We are so happy now. She can see so detail work, such as sewing. We don’t have to spend money on many expensive glasses like we did before, and Paula feels so free, not having to use glasses anymore. Dr. Rezapour, we want to thank you so much. We had no idea that surgery would be so successful. We appreciate you more than you can ever know. And we’re going to be grateful to you truly for the rest of our lives.

January 15, 2014

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