Refractive Surgery

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August 27, 2019

Did you know refractive surgery can be customize for your eyes?

Corneal refractive surgery, known as kertorefractive surgery is executed by implementing accurate performance of “Excimer Laser”. This laser is capable of dismantling chemical bonds in molecules, so re-shape the cornea in desired shape to correct refractive error without causing scar or changes in the corneal tissue. LASIK and PRK are among the most famous operations that are implemented via laser. There are several laser correction algorithms, all with a very high percentage of precision to rectify desired refractive error. However, if two patients need 3 diopter myopic correction, do they have the same cornea? Studies showed the answer is no.

Each individual eye and cornea carry a rather particular pattern of “optical aberration”, that like our fingerprint is one of a kind. So obviously the ideal treatment is when specialist could customize treatment according to the optical characteristic of each eye, not only eyeglasses power. Having more information about optical properties of an eye would let surgeon to customize treatment for each eye individually. That means better visual acuity and quality of vision after keratorefractive surgery when treatment is specifically tailored to your eye by customized refractive surgery.

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