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August 15, 2019

Keratoconus is a progressive and non-inflammatory disrupt in shape and steepness of cornea. In most cases, the blurry vision and high astigmatism begin in young ages, from which the former can be refined via glasses. Hard contact lenses also work for the betterment of vision and then in more severe cases, corneal transplantation is required for restoration. In recent years, with new advancement technology and science, mentioned treatment have changed keratoconus management.

One surgical operation that relies on ultraviolet light for enhancement of bio mechanics of cornea is Collagen cross linking. This operation can lower the progression pace of keratoconus. In early stages, it can result in better achievements.

One other sophisticated treatment for such condition is implantation of Intacs. Intacs is semi-circular plastic ring that will be placed in Cornea’s thickness in keratoconus and has the same effects as Collagen cross linking.

As with most conditions, the effectiveness and the success rate of operation relies on the time and stage of intervention. Early stage patients can now have a much more pleasant and long-lasting  time with stable and good vision with an enormously lesser chance progression in the eye.

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