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July 22, 2019

A big portion of the glaucoma case is primary, which means it does not have any obvious reason other than genetic susceptibility. Secondary causes of glaucoma are, too, common. Lots of eye or systemic diseases and conditions can result in glaucoma.

Furthermore, Trauma with or without bleeding in the eye can cause glaucoma. Excessive steroid use can cause “steroid-induced glaucoma”. The common scenario for this type of intense glaucoma is when a patient uses steroid drop more than required, for conditions such as allergy and eye surface irritation. It is crucial to know that overuse of even topical steroid can result in serious glaucoma and irreversibly damage the vision.

In addition, Glaucoma glaucomaCompliance with the treatment plan is very vital to rehabilitation since fluctuation of eye pressure has an intense effect eye and vision. Many patients are lucky to have their eye pressure controlled only with drops. High eye pressure, despite maximal drops, requires to attend to other means of treatment like lasers or even eye surgeries.

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