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July 9, 2019

It is hard to overstate the effects of glaucoma. Along with the damage of optic nerve and nerve tissues, glaucoma causes tensions and eye pressure. It is known as a blinding condition and the outcomes can’t be undone. Therefore, it is of the greatest importance to reach out for timely diagnosis. Glaucoma is known by two types: close and open angle.

Just like the dry eye, glaucoma is also prone more likely as the person ages. Meaning people over 60 have a higher rate of being diagnose glaucoma. People with parents or grandparents with such conditions are also the more likely patients of glaucoma, as it tends to run in the family. Higher risk of glaucoma has also been recognized in people with higher blood pressure and diabetes.

The tricky part of dealing with glaucoma is that a lot of symptoms won’t be felt by the patient until the late stages. Therefore, periodic screening and monitoring of the eye condition can help prevent glaucoma to go any future. Checking eye pressure in every eye exam is recommended, especially for people over 40 years old

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